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June 2012



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Jun. 29th, 2012


Heart's Calling

Feel the sway of that nameless song coursing in your veins. Magic in the air we breathe, setting fire like our hearts. Drift and dream along the edge of sanity and reason -- Break apart those great old walls, that kept you apart from feeling. You can't deny the course of the sun nor the power of moon. So call the name of the one you hold close and say it ever so sweetly. Let them know how much you love -- and never doubt your heart is calling.
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Jun. 28th, 2012


Gentle Love (Lyrics)

The following lyrics I wrote myself. It's supposed to be a sort of lullaby kind of song.
I'll edit this to include the YouTube video of the vocals and music in a moment. (Once it uploads!)

Song: Gentle Love
Lyrics & Vocals: Ciera H.
Music: Daybreak
Music by: Kevin MacLeod ( http://incompetech.com/ )


Edge of sleep and edge of dreams
Peaceful things are what you seek
No more harm and no more pain
No more tears tonight.

There is dark and there is light.
Wrapped up in those arms so tight.
Whispers stop and breezes sweet,
And you search for warmth

Tell me, tell me,
Someone please
Can I ever feel this free?
When my eyes open again,
Will it all begin?

Softly now,
hush my precious love
No more fears tonight.
There is you and there is I
Together we are one.

Edge of sleep and edge of dreams
Peaceful things are what you seek
No more harm and no more pain
No more tears tonight.

Link to video (with vocals): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Jxm8U9ADfA

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Jun. 27th, 2012


Even R&B in the 50's was cool

Now, they often call me Speedo, But my real name is Mr. Earl!
Known for meetin' brand new fellas and takin' other folk's girl!
Now, some, they call me Joe, Some may call me Moe
Just remember Speedo, he don't never take it slow

This just made me laugh. I read it on someone's signature on a forum and  I thought I would share it here. xD

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Borderline is my newest story and the first new idea I've had for one in a while -- that I actually know how I want to write it. It's my take on that old myth about the Fountain of Youth.

Here's the introduction:

There lies a reality between the edge of awakening and that of dreaming. A place where those worlds are a bridge to a border where sanity and insanity have merged into one. To remain between in this place is to be lost from time. Perhaps, this is how the theory of ever lasting life began. Or maybe, it is just the rambling of those who found their way back out again.

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